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On the journey of my life. Praying my way through, and living the best way I know how. Loving you. Loving my team. Most importantly, Loving Me :)

A beautiful thing is never perfect.

—Egyptian Proverb (via fawun)

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Part of learning how to write poetry is learning how to trust yourself, to build a certain intuition about the writing you do, and the writing you want to do. Whatever poems you pick to submit, pick them with the thought you just really, really love them and want to share them. That probably isn’t as pointed advice as you might have been looking for, but I think as readers we can tell when a lot was put into writing, and we gravitate towards that.

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Isaiah P for brand “Trevis ” #models #trevis #cups #fun #summerfun #funinthesun #bike #chase #chasemodelsny #modelsofcolor #bikes #brands #blackmalemodels


Isaiah P for brand “Trevis ” #models #trevis #cups #fun #summerfun #funinthesun #bike #chase #chasemodelsny #modelsofcolor #bikes #brands #blackmalemodels


ISIS will be in Baghdad within hours if not already. A lot of people are going to die if they can’t get away. Enough bombs to protect the oil, enough cops to oppress the people. The world is on the brink of another genocide and the people in power are just turning away…

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.

Khalil Gibran (via feellng)

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Regardless of anything….physically, emotionally, mentally hurting someone is NEVER okay. Whether you’re a man, or a woman. Whatever the case may be, it is never okay!

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short love long ways away


I miss him…
… I think it was my shortest and fastest and furthest away and most impossible love…
but the heart stretches in ways which defy physics and logic, it’s unphased by time or miles… that’s it’s real magic.

"Fall into Autumn"


Who let the chill in
Better yet
When did it begin
To fall into autumn
Someone pulled out
The bottom
On long hot hazy
Summer days
Nights growing longer
Sunlight staying shorter
In days we turn
Another corner
Leaves soon begin turning
A myriad of brilliant colors
This harvest time of year
Mistaken for no other
It’s hayrides and fairs
Long pants and jackets
School buses stopping traffic
Everything comes round again
No matter where
You’ve been
Summer is over
It’s time to fall
Fall into autumn


Take pride in the fact
That you’re the only one
Who could wake me up
At any hour in the night
And I wouldn’t be angry
But happy that I was the one
That you chose to turn to